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Philadelphia: top US city in recovery
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Peer Support in the News

Below are links to current articles in the news related to peer support in mental health.

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Peer Support Services for Seniors

York Region Peer Centre Changes Leadership

Students Help Sarnia Peer Support Centre

Peer Specialist Editor of Recovery Magazine

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Philadelphia is a leader in addiction recovery

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Training begins for center volunteers to help grieving children

New recovery center to be mentor-based

Peer Recovery Coaches are the key to new program (on left, lower side of page)

Mental health peers counsel with authority - they've been there, too

Peer Support Group for teens

Humboldt County receives funds to expand peer-support services

Specialists trained to help peers with mental health issues

'On Your Own' Peer Support Initiative in Charlottsville VA

Kelly Skinner lauds peer support for those with mental illness

Mental health patients turn more to each other

Peer Support Centre in Alamogordo N.M.

Peer Counselors use life experiences to help

Peers Operate Support Line

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The Power of Peers

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Peer Veterans Program

Toledo Women Helping Others Recover

Young Person Helping Others Recover

Peer Program Helps Vets

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Vietnam Veterans