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Welcome to the Self-help page.
It is great to find people who have walked the road you are now on, people who have come out on the other side, and who can encourage you. That is the beauty of peer support. But there comes a time when you need to move beyond just receiving support. You're going to have to put in the effort to get well so you can one day be a support for someone else who needs it. Medication is one aspect of recovering, and counseling is another aspect. But there is a third component to recovery, and that is the counteracting the 'negative tapes' that play in your mind. How do we stop the negative, pessimistic thoughts from coming in our minds?

‘Automatic ‘and ‘Manual’ Thinking

Your thoughts are based on your belief’s. Your belief’s are formed by the events of your life, and the people who have influenced you. When your thoughts are in ‘automatic’, your mind ‘free-wheels’ your thoughts randomly. This is ok if you are a positive person. But if you are a person who struggles with a mood disorder, allowing your mind to free-wheel can sometimes be harmful.

Thus, you'll want to ‘manually’ control your thinking. The objective to manually control your thinking is two-fold:
1) Stop your mind from thinking negatively,
2) Cleanse your mind of negative beliefs. Once your beliefs become positive, there will no longer be a need to manually control your thinking.

Below are some statements you can use to manually control your thinking. These statements will help you convert the negative beliefs you have about yourself to positive beliefs. They are best used by saying them out loud. But stating them silently will also help. We call them 'Powerlines', because they empower you.

The more you use the Powerlines, the sooner your beliefs become positive, and the feelings of happiness and peace are felt. The best way to use them is to memorize them. That way you can use them wherever you are throughout your day. To help you memorize them, we’ve numbered them. We’ve also categorized them. Start with the Powerlines that are most needful.


T1)  Today I take responsibility for all areas of my life.
T2)  Today I believe I can change my life for the better.
T3)  Today I will think thoughts that create a joy-filled and successful life.
T4)  Today I release all my ill-conceived limitations. I think ‘outside the box’. I choose to believe that all things are possible.
T5)  Today I choose to be thankful.
T6)  Today I choose not to complain. If there is a problem in my life, I will do something about it, rather than complain about it.
T7)  Today I choose not to become angry and judgmental. I will channel my discontent into doing something positive about the situation.
T8)  Today if something bad happens to me, I will look for the good in the situation. (ie. If a loved one passes away, I will become more
       empathetic to others who have lost loved ones, and thereby, to better offer strength and consolation to others.)
T9)  Today I realize that in life, you win some and you lose some. I choose not get bent out of shape over little losses.
T10)  Today I will remain calm in the midst of stressful situations.
T11)  Today when I catch myself thinking a negative thought, I will consciously invert it with a positive belief statement.
T12)  Today I choose to be a positive, helpful, and inspiring person.
T13)  Today I choose to believe that I can do all things.

Physical Health
H1)  I look forward to living a long and healthy life.
H2)  I allow my body to reach and maintain optimal health.
H3)  I enjoy the taste of foods that are good for my body.
H4)  I enjoy learning new ways to improve my physical health.
H5)  My body operates free of any pain.
H6)  My body is able to heal itself naturally.
H7)  I don’t over-work myself. I enjoy times of recreation. And, I get enough sleep. I live a balanced life.
H8)  I diligently choose the right health professionals when I need them. I am wise when researching health matters.

F1)  I realize that forgiveness is an act of the will, not the emotions.
F2)  I, myself, make mistakes. Thus, I forgive others who make mistakes.
F3)  Whether their mistakes toward me were by accident or on purpose, I forgive quickly.
F4)  My forgiveness toward others in my past, allows me to enjoy my present and my future.
F5)  I have a good support team around me who encourage me to forgive when it seems difficult.
F6)  I pray for those who have hurt me. I wish them well. I conquer bitterness with love.
F7)  When I make mistakes, I quickly seek forgiveness and resolution. I don’t let hurts fester.
F8)  When I make mistakes, I forgive myself. I know I am only human.
F9)  When I make mistakes, I don’t berate myself. I learn from my mistakes. I guard against them from happening the next time.
F10)  When I make mistakes I don’t lose hope. I know that God can prosper me in spite of my mistakes. I keep the faith!
F11)  I listen carefully to my intuition when it is trying to steer me away from impending mistakes.
F12)  I am compassionate to those who come to me for forgiveness.
F13)  I, especially, love and forgive my family members.
F14)  I may not trust everyone who hurts me, but I do forgive them.

P1)  I attract prosperity of every kind.
P2)  My generosity toward others helps me reap much prosperity.
P3)  My talents are in demand. Those that I know I have, and those I have yet to discover.
P4)  I keep an open mind. I believe there are many opportunities waiting for me to uncover. I stay at peace so I can tell which ones are best for
P5)  What ever work I am doing, wherever I am doing it, I strive to be honest and faithful to the task.
P6)  I will be rewarded with greater measures of prosperity when I prove to be faithful to the lesser measures.
P 7) Today could be very fruitful for me. I remain financially optimistic of my future!
P8)  I encourage others in their goals for prosperity. And I never become jealous when they succeed.
P9)  I am wise with my finances. I budget well. I plan carefully for my retirement years.
P10)  I am interested in learning new ways to generate finances, but it never engrosses me.
P11)  As my success increases, so does my thankfulness. I remain humble in my success.
P12)  I enjoy being liberal in the dispersements of my income.
P13)  I relinquish all poverty thinking, and see myself as a very financially successful person.

C1)  I release all hindrances to me expressing my creativity.
C2)  Creativity can be in any area of life. It is exciting!
C3)  My family support me in making my dreams a reality.
C4)  My creativity brings me much satisfaction.
C5)  I release my creativity in my employment, and it prospers my employer.
C6)  I love my creativity and I encourage creativity in others.
C7)  My creative potential is unlimited, and it thrills me!

Love and Romance
L1)  I choose to be a lover. I, especially, love my partner.
L2)  I release my need to be loved. I don’t need anyone to be happy. But I venture out into romance when it is right.
L3)  I know that what I give, comes back to me. Today, I choose to love. And my life is full of love.
L4)  Being a lover means being vulnerable. I am willing to risk vulnerability. My heart heals quickly.
L5)  I love others, and I believe others love me.
L6)  Love is powerful. Love brings peace.
L7)  Love guides my words. I am careful I don’t hurt anyone.
L8)  My loving words break down the walls of stony hearts in those around me. My loving words are powerful!
L9)  I draw out the love in others.
L10)  I only create healthy relationships. No co-dependency, and no toxic relationships.
L11)  I am thankful for all the love in my life, and I gain more of it.
L12)  My love gives me peace.

Job Success
J1) It doesn’t matter what I do, I am grateful for the employment that I have.
J2) I am constantly motivating myself to work hard to deserve advancement.
J3) I am always a positive influence at my job.
J4) I value my employer whether they deserve it or not.
J5) I am more of a listener than a talker. People see I value them.
J6) I am at ease speaking to everyone at work. My calm demeanour adds value to my company.
J7) When I need help on the job, I ask for help.
J8) As I do my best, blessings of all kinds come my way.
J9) I enjoy challenges that come my way on my job. I always find a solution.

S1)  I love and appreciate myself always.
S2)  When I do right, I celebrate. When I do wrong, I make amends. I take responsibility for my actions.
S3)  I am a responsible person. I am a disciplined person. I am a loving and forgiving person. I like character qualities developing in me.
S4)  I accept myself where I am at in my emotional recovery. Each day I am learning new ways to win over depression, anxiety and addictions. My full recovery is close at hand.
S5)  I have huge potential, and it excites me.
S6)  I love to learn. I know that knowledge is power, so I love to learn. I am learning each day.
S7)  I am well able to handle each problem in my life. When I need extra help, I go get it. I don’t waste time.
S8)  I use my story and my knowledge to help others, and it excites me.
S9)  I understand that physical appearance has nothing to do with happiness, so I accept my looks as they are today.
S10)  I am responsible for my body, so I am good to it.
S11)  I am a fine example of a balanced person.