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Welcome to Peer Support Niagara

We are a group of caring people who are reaching out to support those with depression, anxiety and addictions. Most of us have had our own struggles with mental health issues, so we can relate. It is important to note, however, that we are not trained professionals, so support from us should be in tandem with your existing health practitioners. We can offer you friendship, a listening ear, our own personal experiences with illness, and tips on what helped us along the way.

We are big proponents of self-help material. We have found that many problems with mental health is simply rooted in a lack of knowledge. Thus, we encourage people to read books, listen to audio's, watch video's and attend groups related to mental wellness. It is by helping others find healing that we can expand our efforts to help more and more people.

We extend a warm welcome to everyone who is suffering, and those who wish to help those who are suffering, to contact us by telephone at 905-346-2318, or by email at We look forward to serving you.