Confidentiality Commitment

Below is a statement of trust and behaviour we encourage each peer to commit to, each and everyday.

As your peer, I am committed to seeing you healed emotionally. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done, or what diagnosis you have been given, I care about you and I am here to help you.

Your story is so important. It is what shaped you to who you are today. Know this, that whatever you tell me, I will never, ever, repeat to anyone else. Your story is safe with me. This includes your personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, residence address, and such. I will always ask you first if it is ok to pass on this information.

I will never say anything negative about you. If I see anything negative in you, I will go to you, and you alone to tell you what I have observed in you, and will do so lovingly and gently. What you do with that information is up to you. Just know that I am committed to your development as a whole person.

Know, too, that how you react to what I say will have no bearing on how I view you, nor impede on my commitment to be your friend. I am your friend, and that will never change.

I value the unique person you are, and I see the huge potential in you, and I will encourage you to keep coming out, and keep working on your emotional healing. And when it is complete, I will be right there beside you, rejoicing with you in the victories you have won.

Whatever good you see in me, I credit to the people in my life who have helped me develop to who I am today. I trust I will never be proud or boastful about the good in me. I know it is a gift. Please help me to remain humble about such things, and tell me if you see pride coming in. I will welcome your comments along these lines.

Because I am committed to helping you be whole, I buckle down, and actively work on my own recovery, so I can be that much more of a help to you. As I work on my own recovery, please feel free to approach me if you see any areas in my life that need adjustment. I will honour you for reaching out to me, and pay careful consideration to points you are making. I thank you in advance to taking the time to speak with me about such things.

This is my peer commitment to you, and I solemnly declare that it will never change.

Your friend (for life),


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